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dəˈjen(ə)rət ICE ICE CUZZIE

dəˈjen(ə)rət ICE ICE CUZZIE


You are not normal. Hey no judgement, neither am I. Let em know what you are- dəˈjen(ə)rət


Contrary to popular belief, you can put drinks other than beer in cuzzies, they're also great at keeping your energy drink or Dew ice cold. You hope to beat the books without ice in your veins? good luck.


Made to keep your drinks crispy-fresh and cool-looking, these can insulators are the best companion for nature trips and parties. They're super lightweight and will fit in any backpack. 


.: White polyester exterior and black soft foam liner interior
.: Edge to edge print
.: Available in Two Sizes: Regular Can (3.5'' x 4.3'') and Slim Can (3.5'' x 6'')

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